COVID-19 rapid test appointment platform

Centrum voor leerlingenbegeleiding

COVID-19 rapid test appointment platform

Client: Centrum voor leerlingenbegeleiding

Centrum voor leerlingenbegeleiding (Pupil guidance center) is an institution working closely with the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training and every accredited school in Flanders works together with a local center for pupil guidance (CLB). A CLB helps with learning and studying, the educational career, psychological and social functioning, preventive health care. The CLB works at the request of the pupil, parents, or the school.

What we did

  • Web Design
  • Development
  • UX


Tacta was commissioned by long term client CLB - Centrum Voor Leerlingenbegeleiding (Student Guidance Center), supported by the Flemish Ministry of Education, to develop an online platform for pupils to make appointments for rapid COVID-19 tests.

The first user scope included CLB workers from the whole Flanders region who would register on the platform to make appointments for pupils from their jurisdiction, and the Red Cross volunteers in the testing centers that would handle the appointments and testing.

Since the platform proved to be extremely successful and reliable, we were given a new user scope which included employees from the education sector, also from the whole Flanders region, which could also make testing appointments for themselves.


The main challenge of the project was the two week deadline. The tight deadline was due to the urgency of the pandemic situation in Belgium. Another challenge was the fact that there were 52 testing centers with different working hours and capacities, which meant the appointment calendar itself that had to be developed had to be customizable for each testing center.

Tech solution

While creating the solution outline, we decided to pick one of the most common technology stacks in Tacta today. Therefore, Spring Boot was our backend framework of choice, and latest Angular was the best fit as a frontend solution. The application has been deployed in the cloud completely by our team of experts, more precisely to Tacta-managed Amazon (AWS) servers.


  • We delivered the product in 2 weeks to make an efficient response in an urgent pandemic situation

  • We made a stable, reliable and scalable platform for our clients and all end-users.

  • Red Cross users in all testing centers could each customize appointment calendars, and easily handle appointments on the platform

  • With our agile approach to work, we handled the project in fast, efficient and affordable manner

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