Web-based accident reporting tool - Work Accident Support for Professionals (WASP)

Groep P&V/ Vivium

Web-based accident reporting tool - Work Accident Support for Professionals (WASP)

Client: Groep P&V/ Vivium

About client: P&V Group is among top 3 insurance providers in Belgium. Through its insurance companies/brands, the Group offers individuals, self-employed, businesses and institutions a wide range of insurance solutions. P&V insurance products and services are distributed via network of exclusive agents.


What we did

  • Web Design
  • Development
  • UX


Amid accelerated digitalization and on their path of expanding insurance offers to better respond to market needs, Tacta’s multifunctional team was employed by P&V/Vivium to develop a one-stop-shop platform/tool for work accident reporting.

Tacta’s team was present from the very beginning of the development, where we had continuous workshops with the client on functional and technical analysis of the platform and its features. The final result was Work Accident Support for Professionals (WASP), P&V/Vivium's web-based accident reporting tool tailored to employers. Its basic functions are for employers to follow the progress of the accident claims, to access reporting tools and to communicate with their insurers in a standardized way.

This platform had great benefits for our client, who had additional profit from the platform users, and their end clients, big employers, who can use WASP to manage the complexities of accident reporting by seamlessly tracking the entire lifecycle of a workplace accident.


Through constant analysis, our client and Tacta’s team reviewed both technically and business-wise all the platform’s default functionalities and those that the client might need, because we wanted to dedicate some time to quality functional and technical analysis to have a solid base. Because of the deadline, one of the goals was not to have many iterations and changes when the tech development started as there was many functionalities to implement, and of course to develop a stable platform that will be efficient to maintain, through which we reduce the client's subsequent costs.

Tech solution

Java/Spring Boot web application, fully integrated in P&V/Vivium ecosystem - including SAML SSO integration with company’s Identity provider services. Combination of Angular with latest Angular Material library as a front-end solution, visually adapted for the purposes of matching P&V/Vivium visual identity.


  • digitalization and automatization of accident claiming processes

  • easier and manageable handling of a big number of claims by employers 

  • seamless tracking of the entire lifecycle of a workplace accident

  • detailed statistics with advanced filtering, and extensive reporting which is also useful for future prevention analysis for employers

  • user-friendly and intuitive UI

  • efficient maintenance of the platform

  • claims follow-up in real time