Meet our team- Sandi Slonjšak

Our Software Engineer Sandi told us about his first working day at Tacta, the best travel, hobbies and unforgettable challenges.

TACTA: Hi, Sandi, how long have you been with #TactaTeam?

Sandi: I joined Tacta on August 12th, 2019. You do the math how long that is.

TACTA: Could you describe your standard working day in the last couple of months?

Sandi: The morning starts with daily standup, making sure that everybody in my team has the current day planned ahead and that everybody is synced. After that, I will squeeze in a couple of meetings (business or architecture talks) so that I am done by lunch with talking too much (which I really like to do). After lunch, I will try to take a block for myself of deep-focus work and this is where I write most of my code. This is the time where I also like to do pair programming in order to assure that the solution is well-thought-out, tested, and implemented correctly. After that time I am in a helping hand mode, I will go to each teammate and see how I can assist them if needed. At the core of my day, there are a couple of simple ideas ➡ I want to inspire teamwork, lead by example, deliver as much value to our clients as possible, mentor people, and want everybody to learn something each day and progress.

TACTA: Now, would you tell us something about your hobbies?

Sandi: Huh, that’s always a tricky one for me because I like to try out as many activities and sports as possible. Usually, boxing/martial arts is my favorite pick, but most recently I find hiking to be really relaxing. I really like to socialize as much as possible, so drinks/dinner with my girlfriend, family, or friends is definitely the number 1 thing for Friday and Saturday night. I also like to read a lot and play chess (no, not because of Netflix and The Queen’s Gambit, I started playing chess when I was 5 years old).

TACTA: Which countries did you manage to visit and what plans to visit?

Sandi: I visited a lot of European countries, but I actually never left the continent, Monte Carlo and Zurich are my favorite places so far. As soon as travel bans are lifted I want to go to Singapore, Dubai, and back to Switzerland because there is much more to discover (I’ve only been to the German-speaking part of the country). If you ask my girlfriend she will probably tell you about more plans or some different locations, but let’s pretend that I am the one who is deciding on this.

TACTA: Which part of your job is the most exciting?

Sandi: Well, I love all aspects of my work, so I like the fact that I am involved in business meetings, architecture discussions, process design, leading a team, pair programming, and writing efficient algorithms. If you made me choose my favorite among those I would opt for architecture discussions, this is something that I find to be a perfect mix for me, a bit of creativity, exchanging ideas/experiences, and a sprinkle of engineering, what else could you ask for.

TACTA: What’s the most unforgettable challenge with you in the process of work?

Sandi: The biggest challenge started when Sejo told me: “We’re going to build a team around you”. So, I quickly went from being engineering-focused to a person that needs to focus on a team, projects on a high level, strategy, and then engineering. It really broadens your horizon and you have to adapt quickly, think about things that you didn’t focus on before, and orchestrate a lot of processes, people, and expectations. I really wanted to do this and I am really grateful for such an opportunity, I am loving every minute of it.

TACTA: What’s the coolest thing about working with #TactaTeam?

Sandi: Coolest thing… hmmm… only one? 😊 You are making me choose which is really hard in this situation. What about having a bunch of brilliant engineers around yourself who will gladly help you? Or the boss whose mission is to enable you to be the best version of yourself? Or cool projects that will challenge your skills? Family atmosphere and a great sense of humor? How about work and travel, all the perks that we enjoy on a daily basis? I really have a hard time picking, do you see why? Also, there is so much more – teamwork, pair programming, domain-driven design, solving katas, practicing test-driven development… We would need to grab a couple of drinks and spend a couple of hours just to go through all the cool things here.