We are a no-nonsense software factory

We are a


software factory


We are an international company founded in 2007 by experienced software architects and programmers with decades of experience in consultancy around the world. Our core business is helping customers deal with the complexity of their business processes. We provide elegant and manageable software solutions in a fast, reliable and affordable manner.





Let’s build a house

While staring out of the window of an airbus A319–100, traveling to Amsterdam for “DDD / Event Sourcing Europe”, I had a sudden rush of inspiration and decided to try and scribble a quick blog post. Here goes nothing… When talking about software, we often hear the...

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Generic repository pattern using Dapper

Implementing Repository pattern in Dapper can be done in many ways. In this blog I will explain what repository pattern is and how to implement it using reflection in C#. When searching around the web I found various implementations none of which was satisfactory —...

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Domain Driven Design and the art of Pushing Back

When talking about Domain Driven Design, the thing we hear most often is that it’s about the software being guided by the domain, which is true, but I argue that it’s just one side of the coin and cannot stand alone. The other less emphasized aspect of it is the one...

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