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We are a


software factory


We are an international company founded in 2007 by experienced software architects and programmers with decades of experience in consultancy around the world. Our core business is helping customers deal with the complexity of their business processes. We provide elegant and manageable software solutions in a fast, reliable and affordable manner.





Meet our team- Nikola Štuban

If you are curious to know what Nikola Štuban, one of our Software engineers in Zagreb answered during our latest interview #MeetOurTeam then check out the full blog post.    TACTA: Hi Nikola, please introduce yourself in a sentence. Nikola: Hi, my name is Nikola,...

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What did math teach me about business analysis

“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.” -  S. Gudder When we say the term business analysis, usually the main associations are exhaustive documents about business models and data analytics, and...

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Implementing Event Store in C#

What is this all about? When looking for examples of EventStore in Event Sourcing implementation, you will probably find a lot of them, very detailed in theory, but lacking practical implementation. In this article my goal is to explain how to implement simple, yet...

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