Our values

About Us

Our values

Tacta is an international software development company headquartered in Belgium, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina founded in 2007. by Sejo Cesic, a software engineer with years-long development and business experience. 


What drives us in coding are Test Driven Design and pair programming. Architecture-wise, our flagship approaches are conveyed in techniques such as Domain Driven Design (DDD), Event Sourcing, and Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS). Delivering quality software doesn’t come just from quality coding but also quality partnerships, which is what our business is based on – trust and communication.

Our vision, passion, and expertise have been internationally recognized, and for more than 15 years our clients have put their trust in us and our reliable and innovative solutions that help them deal with the complexity of their business processes. Dealing with complexity is exactly the origin of our TACTA brand which stands for The Art of Complexity Taming.

Our values and work approach are deeply intertwined.


Discussing ideas, testing new technologies, and experimenting with new methods are actually what makes our work exciting and fun. That is why we embraced agility and change. 

Transparent and direct communication between our teams and our clients is key. That is how we maintain efficiency and trust.


We also believe that the only way of developing quality software isn’t possible without knowing the business context of the software being developed. That is why we work extensively on developing business expertise within our teams by purposefully implementing the principles of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and therefore making the business context an essential part of our work.

This way of working also creates one of our key values - collective ownership.

Our culture

Here at Tacta, we believe there is a vital connection between a flourishing culture and a successful business. That is why we always encourage:

Feedback culture

By being direct, open, and by sharing knowledge, we create a feedback culture. We cultivate and live our values, and by doing so, each day we learn and create excellent software.

Lead by example

Leading by example you show your teammates what is possible, provide inspiration and direction.


Teamwork truly makes the dream work at Tacta. Each and every person is important to the work we do and the culture we cherish here.