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5 Timeless UI UX design principles every designer should know

Masa Gavran UX UI Designer
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UX and UI design are a great amalgamation of psychology, marketing and aesthetics. It is where usability and aesthetics come together to create a great and intuitive experience for the user.

Aesthetic Usability Effect

UX UI principle Aesthetic Usability Effect
Dont’s and do’s

Fitt’s Law

UX UI principle Fitt’s Law
Dont’s and do’s of target size
UX UI principle Fitt’s law button spacing
Dont’s and do’s of button spacing :)

Hick’s Law
  • breaking large steps into smaller ones,
  • decreasing the number of CTA buttons on landing page,
  • using progressive onboarding instead of a mandatory complex one.
UX UI principle Jakob’s Law
Don’ts and do’s

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