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TACTA Internship

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In December 2018, we started a .NET internship for the first time in Tacta. We had some experience in mentoring, but not in organizing an internship that simulates a real working environment. Having little experience in this area, but led by the idea that our principles should be applied to the internship, we succeeded!

We wanted to provide interns an experience of a real agile environment that includes daily scrums, planning, and retrospective.

We also wanted the interns to get familiar with the best practices in our company such as pair-programming, test-driven development and domain-driven design.

It was a challenge to incorporate all these things into the internship, but it was also exciting. Together with the interns, we co-created the internship. It turns out that we learned a lot through the whole process, but most importantly, we got a chance to meet and spend time with great people.

We asked the interns to tell us what they think about the internship, and here is what they said:

“After spending almost three years of my life attending college lectures and mostly learning about theoretical subjects in the IT world, I felt it was time to put everything I learned there to a test in a more practical environment. My internship at Tacta turned out to be exactly the challenge I wanted.

Working in a team and experiencing first-hand the marvels of pair-programming really gave me a different perspective on programming, and how much more effective and fun it is when you have an extra set of eyes focusing on the task at hand. Consistent code reviews and a culture which encourages everyone to speak their mind and constantly ask questions were something that really made a huge impact on how fast I was progressing and learning stuff that I thought would take me a long time to learn.

The domain of knowledge which this internship has instilled in me was broader than I imagined. Learning the ins and outs of .NET Core and Angular quickly became something that is fairly trivial, the real challenge and, the most interesting and important aspect (to me) was learning about and implementing test-driven development along with trying to grasp some of the domain driven design principles. That definitely felt very unique and that’s where the technical aspect of this internship really shines through.

Along with Tarik (our mentor), it really felt great that everyone at Tacta was more than kind and always willing to lend a helping hand, and made us feel like we really were, for those three months, a part of a family.” – Nermin

“The reason I chose this internship was the technology that was advertised, .Net. We focus on .Net at the Faculty, and I thought, it could be nice to learn how technology is used in a business environment. Yet, the reasons why I loved the internship had little to do with the technologies itself but with the “philosophy” I was taught. We were advised more on how to think when working, what was a proper way to build a system, how to communicate with your colleagues, clients and superiors, basic principles of DDD and TDD. Also, I’d like to mention that the atmosphere in the company was nice, we were able to talk to almost all employees, including the CEO himself and it was nice that our mentor, Tarik, allowed us to organize our time and work among ourselves. I like to think that I improved a lot at Tacta, as a developer, and as a team member. This concerns both the technologies we used and the way of thinking in a business environment.” – Selim

“I’m not sure where to start in describing my journey as a Tacta intern…

Why did I apply? What did I expect? To be honest, like many of my friends at the faculty, at one point in time I was aware that school projects and other faculty-related stuff did not reflect real-world programming. It all looked fake and unreal in my eyes. I knew I had to expand my knowledge and explore other ideas and concepts. I wanted to meet the people from the industry and try to see how they tackle everyday programming challenges. To see programming beyond “just making a program work”. This internship was definitely an eye opener for a lot of things stated above.

From the first day of the internship the learning process started and, really, it never stopped. In a matter of days, I found myself working in the team of young people, tackling challenges and discussing ideas. I would like to emphasize the discussion part, as we discussed pretty much everything. From the basic ideas to the problems that we encountered. There were no stupid questions. A big part of this discussion was definitely our mentor Tarik who followed us through our journey and made sure we were right on track. Soon I saw a lot of things that you only read about in school, put in practice. Pair programming, DDD, TDD, clean code and so on. It was the first time that all these things made sense and before I knew it, I wasn’t just thinking of how to make something work, I was thinking of how to make it the right way. Probably the greatest revelation for me was acknowledging the importance of non-technical skills, or as people like to call them these days – soft skills. We had to learn to communicate correctly, listen actively, present our ideas clearly, manage our time and so on. Not really the stuff that first crosses your mind when talking about software development, at least not in the eyes of developers.

I could go on and on about all the great people I have met and other cool things that I have learned, but I believe that you get the point that I’m trying to make. All in all, I can really say that Tacta internship was one heck of a journey that I recommend to everyone.” – Dejan

“After completing lectures at the Faculty, with only one exam left to complete my education and get my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, I realized that I would have plenty of free time that I should use in the right way. Then I heard that Tacta offers internships for students. I was thinking that an internship could be the first step towards becoming a developer and a starting point for my career. So, I applied and, fortunately, they recognized my potential and desire to learn. The internship lasted for 3 months and on the very first day we entered the real dynamic world of the IT industry. We were in a group of 4 and we had a mentor. Our mentor and other employees in the company were always available for all the questions we had and were always willing to share their knowledge with us. Having the opportunity to work in an agile environment was a new and very interesting experience for me. At the Faculty, I learned what standups, sprints, sprint retro and all elements of agile methodology are in theory but through this internship I had the opportunity to experience it in real life. Also, I had a chance to experience pair programming technique. It was difficult in the beginning but from day to day, our communication skills were improving, and I realized that the development process becomes faster because two heads are better than one. We used TDD and writing a test for each functionality helped me figure out how testing is an important part of any software development methodology. It is required to detect bugs and defects before the final product is delivered to the client and it is an essential component of successful development projects.

We worked on a project from start to finish and learned everything that is needed for web development and more. The internship covered every bit of the software development process and taught us how to become full stack developers. In just a few months I learned how to create backend and frontend parts of the application in some highly popular frameworks. By completing each assignment, the mentor had taught us the best practices of coding. For the backend part of apps, we developed a RESTful web API in C# and .NET Core. By making a frontend part, I stepped into the amazing world of JS frameworks which I had no previous experience of. Using Angular and Material Design, we built an interactive and dynamic application that looks very nice. During the internship program I became familiar with a lot of helpful things that every junior developer needs to know like using git, design patterns etc. In addition to technical skills, I have also improved my soft skills and this internship gave me a lot of confidence and courage to step into the world of IT and look for my dream job.”

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