A Centralized Booking and Customer Management Solution for an Aesthetic Medical Center


A Centralized Booking and Customer Management Solution for an Aesthetic Medical Center

Client: Lazeo

Lazeo is a French company specializing in non-invasive aesthetic medicine. Some of their services include facial rejuvenation, slimming, laser treatments, etc. They oversee more than 100 clinics all around France, Belgium, and Germany with an ongoing expansion in Europe.


What we did

  • Development
  • UX


When our collaboration with Lazeo started, they were at the beginning of their expansion and used a pre-built product for managing appointments and patients. The problem was that this product didn’t support all the needed languages and couldn’t integrate with their accounting systems which often resulted in duplicated and inaccurate information. They also weren’t able to customize payment options, invoice details, room configuration, and much more.
As they continued expanding, this option failed to meet their needs and we were employed to work on a fully customizable solution.


The idea was for us to follow Lazeo’s digitalization and growth with a tailor-made product that would be adapted to both their employees and patients. First of all, they needed a model that would centralize all their appointments, patients, and accounting information in one place. It also needed to be fully customizable and flexible depending on the country and clinic's needs.


The main challenge was centralizing all the information into one platform and finding a way to oversee a large number of centers with each of its own rooms dedicated to certain aesthetic interventions. Another challenge was handling a significant number of patients all while maintaining a high level of data encryption. The platform also needed to be automatic and transparent so that the client could follow changes and updates.

Final product

Our final product consisted of two main components: the client portal and the booking platform fully connected and customizable. We solved the problem of duplicated information by centralizing all the information into the booking platform which is accessed by Lazeo employees and admins. Lazeo employees can now schedule appointments, create rooms, download invoices, access calendars for each room, and manage payments. Also, Lazeo admins can assign roles to employees that vary in each center so some can only view, only edit, only delete, or have all permissions.
On the other hand, in the client portal, Lazeo patients can schedule their first consultations and access their customer profile where they can manage their appointments and invoices.

Appointments and clinics management

Lazeo employees have the possibility to create and personalize treatment rooms for each clinic by working time, supported treatments, absence time, etc. Using the booking calendar, they can also view and create appointments in each room. Finally, once an appointment is created, they have the possibility to view the patient and treatment info, download estimates, cancel the appointment, or download the invoice once the treatment is completed.

ERP and patients management

On the booking platform, Lazeo admins can access a general overview of earnings and invoices. Now they are able to configure tax rates for different countries and create discounts and discount scenarios which are automatically included in estimates. Employees can view a wallet for each patient and manage their deposits, withdrawals, and refunds. Patient lists, general info, observations, and treatment info are also part of this patient management module. Finally, the platform is integrated with e-mail so employees have the option to personalize e-mails and reminders for patients.

Tech solution

The tech stack was developed using Java and the Spring Boot Framework. We solved high-security protocols with an SSO integration with the company’s Identity provider services. Since the solution deals with highly sensitive data, we opted for Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting due to its reliability and great stability. Using the event-sourcing methodology the client is now able to track each change to the platform and that way ensure transparency.

Benefits for the client

The main benefit is that now Lazeo has one main platform where they can track their appointments, patients, centers, employees, and accounting data without the risk of duplicated or inaccurate information. This solution is now fully in their ownership, with complete autonomy in the configuration of the platform, and, because of its stability, it is highly upgradeable with new functionalities. The appointment lifecycle is also fully automated with personalized options depending on centers and countries.