A Tailored Quote-to-Claim Solution for an Insurance Company

Groep P&V – Vivium

A Tailored Quote-to-Claim Solution for an Insurance Company

Client: Groep P&V – Vivium

The Vivium company as part of the P&V Group is among the top 3 insurance providers in Belgium. They offer insurance packages to more than 1000 independent insurance brokers. Their clients (brokers) work as mediators between insurance companies and end customers, they collect data from all insurers to provide the best possible insurance policy for their clients.


What we did

  • Development
  • UX
  • Business Analysis


When a broker wants to collect quotes for their clients, they access their broker management system (integrated with insurance companies) and type in all the necessary info. They can then get and compare various quotes from insurance companies. In the past, Vivium used System APIs that are usually very robust and need a lot of data to work properly. So, when brokers wanted to get a quote from them, they needed to fill in excessive pieces of information. Also, when submitting a claim declaration brokers had to do it twice by submitting it into their system and sending the same info manually to Vivium.
These processes were too time-consuming for both sides and with lots of issues during the maintenance phase. So, we needed to create a less time-consuming solution that could be easily integrated into brokers’ platforms.


The idea was to shift to Experience APIs which are easier to integrate with, and more maintainable with one endpoint for the customer. Vivium also needed a solution that would make it easier for them to get statistics, send notifications to clients, and help with integration into broker platforms.


The main challenge was to find a way to generate quotes in a quicker way without needing that much data from brokers. Since each broker has its own standards that are not the same as one the insurance company uses, another challenge was to find a way to interpret different codes and standardize messages. In addition, Experience APIs had to be able to work with different core systems, since our client was in the middle of a migration from an old legacy system to a new one.

Final product

The solution was a new platform that uses Experience APIs. This new system is now easily integrated into brokers' platforms and enables them to generate quotes for their clients (without needing to enter too much data) within a response time of 10 seconds.
For claim declaration purposes, we solved the challenge of interpreting different brokers' codes using a middle component called a Decision table. This way, Vivium’s internal system can now accept and interpret all data received from the broker. So, the broker’s data is being processed without the need for changing their internal applications or processes. And, they can communicate directly with Vivium’s insurance systems without the need of doing the same job twice.
Finally, we also developed the Developer portal accessible both by Vivum’s admins and bookers that facilitates integration with broker’s platforms and content management.

Reports and statistics

Using the Developer portal Vivium admins can access statistics to see the Experience API usage such as the number of requests made by brokers, response times, days in the month/week with the highest query frequency, and the most frequent time of the day.
They can also check how many quotes were bound and what is the success rate for each broker. For FAQs content management purposes we implemented a feature where admins can make and view changes to the content. There is also an announcements section of the page that enables them to announce news and if needed, target only a selected group of users.

API health monitoring

On the other hand, brokers can also access the Developer portal for API health check monitoring. They can check if an API is down or having issues and report those issues in-app. They can also check what other Experience APIs are there, and apply for them.

Tech solution

One endpoint per customer, additional simplifications in a request for the end user, flexibility, and innovation are all advantages of using Experience APIs. As per the client’s request, for the back end, we used Java and the Spring boot framework, while for the front end and API orchestration, we used React and MuleSoft Anypoint.

Benefits for the client

The main benefit for the client was that we provided them with quality APIs that are flexible and easily integrated. Using personalized APIs for each broker gives our clients a better NPS score which represents the likelihood that a broker would recommend our client to work with. Finally, Vivium managers can now follow quotes from request to finalization which helps them track queries, they can detect potential issues that brokers have while executing the API request and check which broker finalizes contracts with the end users the most.

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