Web application for time and resource allocation management


Web application for time and resource allocation management

Client: Proximus

Proximus is a provider of digital services and communication solutions on the Belgian and international markets. Proximus is the leading telecom provider in Belgium, with the biggest coverage via interconnected and fixed mobile networks supporting their users and Belgian society by offering the best products tailored to their users’ needs in the ongoing digitalization era.


What we did

  • Web Design
  • Development
  • UX


Striving for quality, efficiency and quick delivery in telecommunication sector is a high priority. Big part of maintaining quality services is related to addressing resource allocation & shortages in a dynamic business environment.

Proximus, who has widespread national coverage, required a more streamlined approach for monitoring the resource allocation – specifically installation of fiber internet infrastructure, and related marketing activities - in order to maintain the quality, efficiency and quick delivery they offer to their users.

For that requirement, in cooperation with our partner firm BDO Ideas at work, Tacta was in charge of creating the concept with the client and developing a web-based application whose main goal is managing the allocation of resources for extending the fiber optics coverage and executing marketing plans.
Since Tacta’s team was engaged in the project from conceptualization to development, we had constant communication and feedback from the client that enabled us to better understand their needs and translate it to a custom-made product with numerous functionalities.


Although the platform and its functionalities are complex, business-wise and technology-wise, we didn’t have any major challenges in creating the platform given our years long experience in similar projects. However, this was our first time we had to work on the whole project completely remotely due the lockdown during the pandemic. As for many others, this brought a short period of adaptation to the “new-normal”, regarding logistics and team activities but we managed to successfully overcome these challenges and still deliver a top-quality end product.

Tech solution

Java/Spring boot as a backend solution + angular frontend with some touch of Proximus Visual Identity. All completely running on Tacta - managed AWS servers.


  • with the platform, the client benefits from well-structured management information which means better decision making, reduced errors and admin costs

  • real time resource allocation monitoring

  • resource availability overview via multi-functional calendar

  • extremely intuitive and easy to use application

  • configurable planning functionalities

  • multidimensional scheduling capabilities

  • advanced filtering functionalities