Work Accident Reporting and Claims Management System

Groep P&V/ Vivium

Work Accident Reporting and Claims Management System

Client: Groep P&V/ Vivium

The P&V Group is a Belgian cooperative insurance group that offers insurance solutions to individuals, self-employed workers, companies, and institutions.

What we did

  • Development
  • UX


Some P&V business clients can report workplace accidents as part of their insurance packages. When we were employed for this project, their system of registering work accidents was done manually. It consisted of long and complicated prompts that would then need to be manually filled, approved, and sent for payment.  


The idea was to create a platform for work accident registration from scratch. The client needed a solution that would be accessible both by their employees and clients with added functionalities such as reports and user management.


During this project, the main challenge we faced was the complete transition from manual to digital since the requirement was for the solution to be integrated with already existing legacy systems. The app also needed to be adaptable to legal changes and the accident registering documentation had to retain its main characteristics.

Final product

The final result was the Work Accident Support for Professionals (WASP) web app. We successfully integrated the solution with the clients' old legacy systems and secured the platform with an SSO login for both employees and clients.
The user-friendly and intuitive UI makes it possible to handle a big number of claims in an easier and more manageable way and get detailed statistics with advanced filtering.

The process

The platform can be accessed by P&V clients when they need to report a work accident and claim their insurance. They then select the type of insurance and work accident, and other important parameters in order to create a work accident claim. They can even save a draft and come back later to finish it.
On the other hand, P&V employees can see claim requests and deal with them. If a claim is approved, they can send a payment request to external providers.

Claims lifecycle

Authorized P&V employees can follow the progress of accident claims from the time they arrive in the app to when they are approved and sent up for payment. For a better user experience, we introduced status codes that are related to different claim statuses. P&V employees can now easily approve (or disapprove) claims in-app.

Detailed statistics and filtering

Another functionality is the reporting tool which gives P&V employees an overview of all accident reports. With advanced filtering, they can get detailed statistics by company, number and type of claims, time period, etc.

Tech solution

For the development of the web app, we opted for Java and the Spring Boot Framework. The solution was fully integrated into the P&V ecosystem - including a SAML SSO integration with the company’s Identity provider services. For front-end development we used a combination of Angular with the latest Angular Material library, visually adapted for matching the clients' visual identity.

Benefits for the client

The main benefit for the client was the complete digitalization and automatization of their accident-claiming processes. They can now easily handle a big number of claims and follow them up in real-time. Finally, the extensive reporting tool can be useful for future prevention analysis for employers.